Source code for ldaptor.protocols.ldap.proxy

"""LDAP protocol proxy server"""

from twisted.internet import reactor, defer
from ldaptor.protocols.ldap import ldapserver, ldapconnector, ldapclient
from ldaptor.protocols import pureldap

[docs]class Proxy(ldapserver.BaseLDAPServer): protocol = ldapclient.LDAPClient client = None waitingConnect = [] unbound = False def __init__(self, config): """ Initialize the object. @param config: The configuration. @type config: ldaptor.interfaces.ILDAPConfig """ ldapserver.BaseLDAPServer.__init__(self) self.config = config def _whenConnected(self, fn, *a, **kw): if self.client is None: d = defer.Deferred() self.waitingConnect.append((d, fn, a, kw)) return d else: return defer.maybeDeferred(fn, *a, **kw) def _cbConnectionMade(self, proto): self.client = proto while self.waitingConnect: d, fn, a, kw = self.waitingConnect.pop(0) d2 = defer.maybeDeferred(fn, *a, **kw) d2.chainDeferred(d) def _clientQueue(self, request, controls, reply): # TODO controls if request.needs_answer: self.client.send_multiResponse(request, self._gotResponse, reply) # TODO handle errbacks from the deferred above else: self.client.send_noResponse(request) def _gotResponse(self, response, reply): reply(response) # TODO this is ugly return isinstance( response, ( pureldap.LDAPSearchResultDone, pureldap.LDAPBindResponse, ), ) def _failConnection(self, reason): # TODO self.loseConnection() return reason # TODO
[docs] def connectionMade(self): clientCreator = ldapconnector.LDAPClientCreator(reactor, self.protocol) d = clientCreator.connect( dn="", overrides=self.config.getServiceLocationOverrides() ) d.addCallback(self._cbConnectionMade) d.addErrback(self._failConnection) ldapserver.BaseLDAPServer.connectionMade(self)
[docs] def connectionLost(self, reason): assert self.client is not None if self.client.connected: if not self.unbound: self.client.unbind() self.unbound = True else: self.client.transport.loseConnection() self.client = None ldapserver.BaseLDAPServer.connectionLost(self, reason)
def _handleUnknown(self, request, controls, reply): self._whenConnected(self._clientQueue, request, controls, reply) return None
[docs] def handleUnknown(self, request, controls, reply): d = defer.succeed(request) d.addCallback(self._handleUnknown, controls, reply) return d
[docs] def handle_LDAPUnbindRequest(self, request, controls, reply): self.unbound = True self.handleUnknown(request, controls, reply)
if __name__ == "__main__": """ Demonstration LDAP proxy; passes all requests to localhost:389. """ from twisted.internet import protocol from twisted.python import log import sys log.startLogging(sys.stderr) factory = protocol.ServerFactory() factory.protocol = lambda: Proxy( overrides={ "": ("localhost", 389), } ) reactor.listenTCP(10389, factory)